This course is currently on hiatus and will not be offered Fall 2014.  Contact me for info on the next course offering.  

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Sometimes you just need a game plan.


What is this course all about? 

An online instructor-guided course to get your website and career up and running.  If you’ve been putting off your website and marketing plan because you’re not sure where to focus your energy or how to approach it, you’ve come to the right place.

It doesn’t have to be hard.


You don’t want to land just any ‘ol job, you want  your dream job.  Or client.  Or project.  I know you’re irresistible (you little devil you), but how can you let THEM know?

 Why sixteen weeks?

There’s a lot of information on building websites and connecting with community on the web these days, and for some that works just fine.  But here’s what I’ve also found:

There’s a real lack of support designed specifically for people that don’t want to learn code, don’t want to endlessly tinker around with their site (although you’ll find it can be addicting) and don’t really want to wade through the mountains of material out there to find just one little snippet to make things work just right.  I’ve gone ahead and done all that for you.

All in one place.  Not smattered all over twenty websites with twenty different approaches and ads popping up saying “buy this, click here!”  But I digress.

I’ve taught this course in several different formats:  face-to-face, one-on-one, live webinars…this new offering takes everything and distills it down to exactly what you need to build a custom site fast without getting overwhelmed.


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Here’s what some students have said:


“Thanks for the step by step instruction!  I now feel I can properly control my own website and update its content.  I can now focus on my music and easily make updates as my career takes me in different directions.”

Jesse Ahmann, professional cellist



“This class gave me the tools and skills to develop my own perspective in ways that I never would have been able to do on my own.” 

— Louisa Ernst, landscape designer

“Page brings an enthusiasm and keen understanding of design to the student and nurtures talents and goals as if they were her own.” 

Candace Mastel, planner


Jump start your future business and join me this month.  Enrollment is limited due to the hands-on nature of this course.

Enrollment for spring 2015 TBD.  

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